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baltimore maryland dumpsters
baltimore maryland dumpster


Servicing General Contractors and Demolition Companies in Maryland & Washington D.C.

Waste hauling schedule and costs are crucial to your jobsite success in Maryland and Washington D.C.

That’s why Denver Mid-Atlantic specializes in Demolition debris recycling and disposal.

We are capable of scheduling dedicated service to your high volume demolition project for all types of materials in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Our modern fleet of hook lift style trucks means faster swaps on site and less down time for your demolition project.


Hire a dumpster company that knows what it takes to keep up with the most demanding construction contracts in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Call us to discuss the best disposal and recycling solutions for your next demolition project!

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Construction Roll Off Dumpsters for Maryland, Washington D.C. and the Surrounding Areas

Planning for the hauling, disposal and recycling of materials for a demolition project can save you time and money. Denver Mid-Atlantic works with contractors all over Maryland and Washington D.C. to find the best hauling routes, dump sites and recycling facilities to get the job done. We are also capable of providing multiple dumpsters on site to fit your productivity needs. 


Materials we accept and appropriate dumpster sizes include:

20 & 30 Yard Roll-Off Containers:

Construction debris (building materials such as wood, drywall, siding and other miscellaneous non-hazardous debris)


Roofing (asphalt shingles, rubber, TPO, cedar shakes, insulation, wood and composite decking and other non-hazardous materials)


Steel & Aluminum recycling


20 Yard Roll-Off Containers:

Mixed concrete (concrete with some dirt and/or rebar, no trash)


Clean concrete (no dirt, rebar or trash)


Brick, CMU Block and other clean masonry materials


Steel & Aluminum recycling

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Choosing the Right Size Roll Off Dumpster Rental for Your Project in Maryland or D.C.

Our team can assist with choosing the most appropriate dumpster rental size for your next construction or demolition jobsite in Baltimore. We typically recommend a 20 cubic yard or 30 cubic yard dumpster for most construction or renovation projects. The weight of the material you are disposing of will determine the size and quantity of dumpsters needed. 


For reference, our roll off trucks are capable of legally hauling 12-15 tons of material. A 30 cubic yard dumpster filled with standard construction debris (such as wood, drywall, roofing, metal, misc interior/exterior finishes) will typically only weigh between 4 and 6 tons. Heavy materials, such as asphalt, concrete or soil only fill 20 cubic yards (or less) to meet legal weight limits and may require additional dumpsters to avoid overloading and DOT fines.


Please contact our Jobsite Success Team today to ensure you are receiving the best disposal solutions for your project.

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